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Ruud tells a story about being forced to change. What started as a hobby for him, which he subsequently turned into his profession and which has also become his identity, is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve.


This initially led to anger, fear and sadness. The victim role was also assumed for a while.


But in the end there was also acceptance. From that moment on he saw it as a 'blessing in disguise'.


Now he is walking new paths and likes to talk about his transformation; Changes can be very exciting, but they can also bring you so many beautiful things. 


People are inclined to ask the question 'yes, but what if'. Often from a negative perspective. “Yes, but what if I quit and can't get a new job?” or “Yes, but what if I regret this decision?”


You can also approach this question positively: “Yes, and what if I make the right decision and my life gets better?”


What if your dream does come true? Of course, this is much easier said than done. He happens to be 'lucky' in that he had to change.

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